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...We make Drinking Raw, Alkaline, Nutrient Dense Juices EASY

Talking to you guys over the years, via email, on the phone and at events and retreats I have gotten a really good idea of what is holding us all back with our juicing.

We WANT YOU to be able get all these benefits of fresh, instant, health and energy giving nutrition every day, so we set about solving all of these problems.

We wanted to give the world a juicer people would USE and BENEFIT from. Juicing is just SO IMPORTANT, we wanted to simplify things and make it as easy as possible to fit juicing into your busy life. 

… makes juices in under 5-minutes - instantly alkalising & energising your body

So we came up with the GREENIS JUICER. After years of feedback and working with a team of designers, we have created what we believe will revolutionise the world of juicing.

We wanted the highest QUALITY of juice being produced. So we have made sure the juice has the highest preserved nutrient values.

HOWEVER ....we also need to make sure the process is QUICK and EASY.

We analysed the four main parts of juicing - getting it out of the cupboard, assembling, juicing and cleaning... and have made each step as quick as possible. So you will be able to make a juice and clean the juicer in under 8 minutes!

I know the cost of a new juicer can also be prohibitive. So we have decided to make our own juicer.

We sell DIRECT to you and PASS ON THE SAVINGS!

Check out below all the amazing unique features of the SLOW JUICER!!!



In our tests we found with a conventional juicer you spend on average 20-25 mins to make a few glasses of juice. With the Greenis Juicer, this comes down to 5-8 mins to not only make the juice but to also clean the juicer! If you make multiple juices during the day, this comes down to 3-5 mins per batch of juice!

For FAST EASY Juicing ON TAP...

Special Offer Price: £199

RRP: £329 - Save £130!

The Shipping will be included with The price of purchase on 1st Day 


Imagine being able to have 5 servings of 

alkalising vegetables in a single drink before you leave the house!

ü  FAST START:  The GREENIS juicer has the smallest footprint of any masticating juicer - which means you can leave it out on the kitchen surface, always ready for your daily juice

ü  FAST ASSEMBLY:  Takes 30 Seconds! Parts quickly, simply and easily slot down onto the juicer. Rather than the usual fiddly twisting and locking of other juicers. This saves TIME and HASSLE.

ü  FAST JUICING:  Makes 500ml Juice in under 3 minutes! Self-feeding system - produce is drawn in by gravity and the auger. The low speed motor PLUS large dual-stage auger means FASTER juicing while still being NUTRIENT FRIENDLY.

ü  FAST CLEANING:  Cleaning in under 3 mins per day!  Our SIMPLE & FAST 'self-cleaning' mechanism: for a quick cleanse with water without taking the machine apart! Plus DAILY CLEANING in under 3 Mins! Plus - improved cleaning brushes make clean up even quicker.

ü  HIGH NUTRIENT YIELD:  It was VERY important that with the TIME SAVINGS we did not sacrifice on the the QUALITY of the JUICE. So we have retained a very low 65 RPM to produce the very best quality juice.

ü  LESS FOAM:  Our UNIQUE defoaming tap then FILTERS the juice and eliminates foam

ü  LESS PULP:  Our silicone wiper blades allow less pulp into the juice

ü  VERSATILE:  Juices everything from fruits and vegetables, to wheatgrass, leafy greens and nuts

ü  JUICE MORE:  Larger juice bowl which lessens having to keep emptying when juicing larger batches. Also has a handy measurement scale.

ü  HIGH QUALITY:  Our juicer has passed LFGB food grade, BPA FREE and fully certified to European standards (CE, RoHs, EMC, CB, TUV certificates)


ü  SAFETY:  The low speed induction motor has an OVERLOAD PROTECTION and built in REVERSEfunction. This stops any clogging of the juicer, so you can just keep juicing! The juicer is also waterproof for enhanced safety.

ü  SUPER SILENT JUICING:   A very quiet 40db - equivalent volume to someone whispering!


How Will You Feel Drinking Fresh Juice Every Day?

Provide your body with incredible health benefits by making fresh juices.

Fresh juices are packed with viable nutrients which give your body an instant boost of minerals, vitamins and enzymes in a form that the body can easily assimilate, absorb and digest.

Studies have shown that the nutrients from juiced vegetables are within our bloodstream within 30 minutes of consumption!  
These nutrients have been scientifically proven (and approved by European Food Standards Agency) to help with:


health, your NERVOUS SYSTEM, IMMUNE system, BONE health - not to mention looking great with HAIR, SKIN, EYES and TEETH all improved.

In fact a fresh vegetable juice is is about as close to nutritional perfection as it is possible to get.

The regular consumption of fresh juice is one of the very best gifts that you can give to your body.

The day I bought a juicer I saw nutrition in a whole new light.   No longer did eating five servings of vegetables per day seem daunting . In fact, most days   I’ve had that and more before I’ve even left the house.

However... one of biggest problems of juicing is the  time taken . I've owned many juicers and they all ended up at the back of a dusty cupboard.

"It is   amazing ! So   easy to use   and toclean, and it is   quick   too. I thought it would be much more time consuming to clean. I love the way the jugs slot up to the juicer, so no spillages.   Since having the juicer I have been making juices daily . At the moment I cannot think of anything to improve on; I am just loving it and hope it serves me well for a long to come. Thanks again Callum."
- Review by CH

I   absolutely love   my juicer. I have psoriasis and find that juicing vegetables really helps to calm my skin down and it's such a great way to get lots of nutrients. I have purchased other cheaper ones in the past that don't release the maximum juice and I felt I was wasting a lot of vegetables. Your juicer is fabulous.   You get much much more juice , it's   easier to clean   and comes with other bits. It's much   quieter than the other cheaper ones. It's got asleek look   about it and sits nice on my worktop. The first one I ordered was damaged in the post and I made a phone call. The lady was so nice about it all and sent another one the next day and picked up the damaged one without any extra cost.   Your customer service is outstanding   and I will always have confidence buying from you.
- Review by Amena


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